Contract Grinding
A close working relationship is established with clients right from the start of the idea through to each development stage and processing to the final end product. Genteel Associates Ltd has operating procedures to ensure that product quality is paramount and customers receive contamination free products matching their exact specifications. We are able to contract grind pulses, beans and lentils, rice and grains to the customer’s desired specifications. We also have the expertise and technology to grind various dried spices to match the customer’s specifications

Contract Blending
The Directors of the company have specialist knowledge in blending and mixing, with longstanding experience at formulating specialist powder, spice and seasoning blends. The company has facilities for contract blending and mixing to customer bespoke recipes and pre-mixes. Genteel offers a competitive viable solution to any short to medium term requirement to increase a client’s blending production capacity. The company is flexible enough to blend large volume runs to small batches at a time.

Genteel Associates Ltd has operating procedures to ensure that product quality is paramount and customers receive cross contamination free products matching their exact specifications. The company practices high standards of cleanliness to give clients peace of mind as towards the safety of their products while in our hands.

Another useful service for clients wishing to develop their own blends is the opportunity to use our ingredient sourcing and procurement service to ensure they are getting the best ingredients at competitive prices.

Contract Packing
Genteel can be your partner in providing your packaging solution for the FMCG marketplace. We are specialists in packing dry food ingredients including powder and granules, dried foods, pulses and grains, sweets and confectionary, snack pellets, whole ground spices. We can offer you the following services:

  • We have numerous packing lines capable of packing from 50g to 5kg weights into pillow packs, block bottom bags and premade bags, as well as various sizes of tubs. We provide a hand packing service
  • We have the facilities to shrink wrap trays and cases.
  • We have inline labelling facilities and inline printers to offer maximum flexibility for our clients’ customer interface requirements.
  • We can combine milling, blending and packing into various sizes from 50g to 1mt.
  • All of our lines have full metal detection in place.
  • We have all HCCAP systems in place.
  • We can also re-bag from 1MT to a smaller packing size.
  • If required we can offer a rip and tip bag changing service, for example from 25kg pp to 25kg paper bags, with the peace of mind of full metal detection as standard.

Contract Decontamination
Genteel Associates are happy to help customers find solutions to removing contaminants from various dry food ingredients at the most reasonable cost possible. Our sites have the following capabilities:

  • Sieves for particle separation and grading.
  • Facilities to contract clean, pulses, beans, lentils, grains, seeds and whole spices.
Our trained staff are more than happy to discuss any contamination issue and potentially find a cost effective solution for you.

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